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Of course, as the company name reads we are plumbers – but not everyone realizes how much we do besides fixing your clogged toilet. The Hamilton community has called upon us over the years to take part in a number of things where your toilet is concerned, one of them being toilet installations and toilet replacements. We have been very helpful to many in terms of home renovations as well as new home builds. If you are looking to move your toilet to a different location in your current washroom, or if you’re building a brand new house guess what? Our team of professional Hamilton plumbers all know how to read blueprints and it’s a very good thing. If you don’t know about plumbing and pipes you could wind up with a way more expensive issue down the road, and that can include having to start over. Some ideas in theory will not work in practice or will prove to be inefficient and/or a higher cost for no reason. Better to start off with solid professional advice and we have lots to give.
Choose What’s Right For Your Family
On the subject of advice too we are able to comment on various toilets and their features so you can choose the best option for you and your family. Standard toilets can’t work for everyone; some people require different sized toilets as well as different heights or special need features. There are also extra features from a standard toilet that you can choose from such as dual flush or a bidet to go with your toilet. We have installed them all repeatedly and we know what we’re doing; there is no toilet or plumbing blueprint that we cannot handle for you.
New Toilet Installation or Replacement?
And of course as we mentioned earlier, we are perfectly capable of properly installing a replacement toilet no problem. Nobody enjoys spending money on this at all. A new toilet isn’t like buying a new big screen or a pool for your home – there is no fun, it’s an expense of necessity. If you’re wondering if your toilet is nearing the end of its lifespan, read over our checklist below and see if you can identify:
  1. Your toilet isn’t flushing properly, you’re wasting money on higher water bills
  2. It clogs constantly, it’s breaking down
  3. If it’s always broken, it’s time to stop fixing it
  4. You can see literal cracks, you will develop a garden of mildew growing
  5. If it’s wobbling when you sit, you need something more solid
It’s Time To Give Us a Call!

It’s good of course to keep your things as long as possible and often times your toilet can absolutely be repaired. But if you can identify with that checklist it’s time to consider putting funds away for a brand new throne! If you have renovation or blueprint plumbing questions, or need your current toilet replaced, give us a call at Plumb Pros Hamilton and one of our qualified and professional Hamilton plumbers will be over to you to take care of all of your needs fast as you can say flush!


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