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How do I know when my pipes need to be replaced?
Did you shower this morning and your ankles had an extra soak in your own soapy shower scum? Yep it’s kinda nasty and we’ve all been there at one point or another. What you are experiencing is called standing water. The name says it all, the water is still/standing and not heading down the drain as it should. This is one of our typical daily/weekly calls that we receive – clogged shower drains are very common, ranging from tiny easy to fix blockages to more major and problematic obstructions. The biggest thing you can do here to help yourself is to not get used to the ankle water. As we said it could be the smallest thing but you won’t know until you find out. And if you wait too long you can wind up with a much bigger and more expensive problem than it ever needed to be.
Why Did I Get A Clog To Begin With?
The question many a homeowner wants an answer to so they can stop it from happening again! We like to call is “Sair Glue”, which is soap and hair combined. The two mixed together creates a sticky, gluey hair substance and it will glob onto your pipes and grow. This will start narrowing the pathway within your pipe until nothing can get through and then you’re bathing in your own soap scum. Beyond the water backing up, other items you should take note of that indicate a blockage are stinky smells rising from your drain and any leaks that you spot – do not delay! To alleviate said “Sair Glue” and other issues piling in your drain, we have listed a two-step cleaning ritual. If you do this weekly you have a good shot at keeping your pipes running clear:
  1. Plunge: Once a week take a plunger to your drain and pull up what lurks
  2. Boiling Water: Once you are done plunging, boil a kettle of water and dump in down you drain; it will melt away much of the Sair and send it on its way to the sewer where it belongs!

Plumb Pros Hamilton Can Help!

If you have put our Sair Glue Meltdown to work and you don’t get the desired results that you are looking for, then you may well have a larger obstruction that requires attention. We cannot stress enough that you need to get on top of this as soon as you are able – these things have a way of snowballing quickly into much larger and more expensive issues.

If your shower drain is clogged or your home is suffering from any other plumbing issue give us a call at Plumb Pros Hamilton. We are pleased to send one of knowledgeable and professional Hamilton plumbers to you as soon as possible; you’ll be enjoying your shower again with no water build up quickly!


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