Drain Replacement for Hamilton Residents & Drain repair

For anyone who has ever had a major leak or plumbing issue that ended up flooding the space… you are likely well aware of how costly something can be when something goes wrong. If you’re nodding at this, we know how it feels! Drain replacement can be a big or small task
Replacing a drain can be anything from PVC, ABS, copper to cast Iron or more!
It’s very important to watch what gets put down your drains and how to properly maintain them in order to prevent larger issues from occurring. With all the pipes in your home or business, they lead to a single combined pipeline for wastewater that gets carried into the municipal pipelines. It can certainly find itself very vulnerable at certain joints because of trees, soil shifting, or incredible weight/traffic over the pipeline, or building drain.
How do I know when my pipes need to be replaced?

Often times when multiple fixtures find themselves all clogging up together, it means immediate action needs to be taken to resolve it, as it can be very dangerous to your health. It’s likely there is waste backing up in your bathtub and shower (it probably stinks too!) and your sewer drain needs to be attended to. Thankfully Plumb Pros Hamilton has all the right tools and skills to accomplish this project. Consider a back water valve.

The most common issue we often come across is tree trunks intersecting with drainage systems and creating tears in joints or breaking through them. This can be a major issue, and occurs a lot more than most believe, especially in older, well developed areas of Hamilton. Usually this is because the trees are larger and older, making the roots stronger and easier to penetrate piping. Our Hamilton plumbers come prepared with modern technology and equipment to handle this for you. There are different ways of tackling your sewage drain replacement whether it’s an open-cut (requiring a backhoe, this is the traditional method), or trenchless repairs, which involves pipe re-lining if suitable for your situation.
Main Sewer Line Repipe
Sometimes the backhoe is required if for some reason the trenchless replacement/repair method isn’t sufficient because the pipes need to be replaced altogether. It can create a construction site, as landscaping and asphalt could be torn up, but “you gotta do, what you gotta do” sometimes. With cameras and new technology, we are often able to avoid this method, but we like our customers to be aware that this can be an unfortunate reality.

If you’re concerned about your sewer line, don’t forget that Plump Pros has all the required tools and experience (10 years of it!) to quickly diagnose your project and if we need to repair or replace your drains, get excited about your expert Hamilton plumbing needs with Plumb Pros.

Drain Repairs
The average home owner uses a bathroom sink, and over time it clogs up. In the midst of panic, especially to those who don’t know, they pour ‘Draino’ down the sink and wait to see what happens. Sure, it works temporarily (maybe), but believe it or not, it can actually cause more harm than good in the long run.
Often home users don’t understand why clogs happen, which is where we often hear the claim: “but I didn’t pour anything down the drain”. But with a build up of facial hair, face wash, soap, make up, etc., it collects and needs to be extracted. So, not only are you pouring a toxic chemical down the drain, but now you’re flushing waste into the water system that should be disposed in other ways.
Why tell you this?
Because many plumbers use this method.

At Plumb Pros, we like to keep the environment in consideration, as these chemicals are toxic to our waters. We’d prefer to use safer and a more efficient processes in your home or business.

We do more than just clogged bathroom sinks though!

Handling blocked drains [link to that page] is a very common plumbing challenge we come across, as there are so many sub-categories in what we can repair. Please give our Plumb Pros Hamilton guys a call [contact page] to discuss how we can alleviate your situation.

Some eager owners believe they can fix these issues themselves, and the knowledgeable ones are generally successful. However, never underestimate a heavily blocked drain. Even though small clogs can be fixed fairly simply, using things like drain snakes should be left to the pros. Why go through the headache when you could call the skilled tradesmen at John the Plumber, who can put your mind at ease.
When a drain or pipe has been used extensively, sometimes it just needs to be repaired completely. It can be more than any home or business owner might be able to do. Do you know what to look for when needing a drain repaired? Here are the tell-tale signs:
  1. Leaks and water spots: This is naturally a sign that a drain needs to be replaced or at least fixed. You look up at your kitchen ceiling and notice there’s a little (or maybe not-so-little) puddle spot, what’s above it? The main bathroom bathtub – uh oh. The ceiling gets cracked open and suddenly there’s a little leak in the copper piping and it’s awkwardly bumped up against the joist. Sometimes the solution can be simple, but other times (like a basement floor for example), it may be a bigger job. We suggest you act immediately as mold and mildew issues can occur if left too long.
  2. Slow Drains: Much like the discussion above about blocks and clogs in the drains, if it’s slow to drain, then it’s time to de-clog or investigate further issues. Say ‘No!’ to ‘Draino’!
  3. Check your appliances: Laundry washing machines and dishwashers are big ones to maintain, but many people often forget about them. The pipes can get dirty pretty quickly, and clog and require repairs which can escalate pretty quickly.
Are you noticing you might be having these types of issues? We offer a variety of drain services:
  1. Drain flooding
  2. Drain repair
  3. Drain installation
  4. Drain jetting

At Plumb Pros, we are a one-stop-shop, we make sure we can resolve all your draining plumbing needs. Whether it’s fixing the old drain or replacing a new one, we can do that!

A big task that we commonly come across is replacing floor drains to prevent flooding. Here in the Hamilton area, we like to make sure your basements are safe. Flooding is disastrous for everyone, and we encourage everyone to take extra precaution to prevent it. The damage caused from flooding can cause mold and mildew and occur substantial cost in repairing the space. We encourage owners to check out the Hamilton Flooding brochure to read more about flood damaging and what to do if it happens. Don’t forget to give us a call, we can help with all of this!
We can also do backwater valve installation! What does this mean? Depending on where your home is situated with where the first manhole is on your street, if you’re above or below it, will depend if it’s required for your home.

What else can Plumb Pros do to help me? We can offer Valve repairs (shut-off valves), as well as protecting planning resources and maintenance contracts. Check out our other pages to see what other services we offer!

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