The Winter Woes of Frozen Pipes in Hamilton

Notes from a Hamilton Plumber

Hamilton and the winter woes of frozen pipes

We at Plumb Pros Hamilton think that all homeowners would agree that frozen pipes are one of the biggest nuisances in the winter time. Having your pipes freeze in your home or small business and having no hot or cold water available can be very frustrating, especially because you don’t know if there’s any further damage – as we all know, water expands when frozen and the pressure can cause cracks and fissures and sometimes even full breaks in pipes.

Quite often, indoor pipes freeze in our frigid winter, especially ones that are running along the section of your house that just does not have great insulation, too much air flow or is somewhat exposed to the elements. All it takes is a small part to freeze in order for it to block.

The great plumbers here at Plumb Pros Hamilton do have ways to thaw frozen pipes – electricity can be used on copper pipes, but this is useless on any plastic lines or buried ones, like sump pump discharge lines. Sometimes, a handheld heater or even a blow dryer is enough to get the water flowing again. We always recommend to people to make sure that if they are going away on holidays not turn the heat off as this can cause the pipes to freeze and crack in numerous places throughout the house.

As we all know, Hamilton winters can get very very cold and can last a long time. If you rent out your house or condo, please make sure that whoever is renting it knows not to turn the heat off completely if they are away – the last thing you want is your pipes to split without you knowing and in the springtime turning your garden hose on outside and have a leak in your basement from a cracked line going up to it. Plumb Pros Hamilton is very experienced in frozen pipe assistance.

We can help you thaw a frozen line and guide you into ways to better check your home and it’s plumbing so that nothing freezes up in the future.
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