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A submersible sump pump is one of those house-hold systems that is often unnoticeable until something goes wrong. Not every home in Hamilton has a sump pump, mind you, if you’re in the country or in an older home, or your grade is in a potential flooding/wet area (or close to water) then it’s likely you’d have one. Often you can hear it working during the spring as snow melts, or when it rains. Plumb Pros offers many services involving sump pumps, and we recommend you give our Hamilton plumbers a call to talk more about your Hamilton sump pump repair and if you may need a sump pump repair or sump pump replacement.

Emergency? If you are having a ground water, or emergency sump pump system issues, please give us a call at: 905-512-4765
Why did my sump pump break?
In most cases it’s the motor that failed which can be either electrical, mechanical or a mechanical that turned into an electrical issue.

Power failure

This is an obvious one, if the power goes out, your pump stops working. This is exactly why our plumbers recommend a battery back up! (see below for more about this)

Improper Maintenance

Like having a car out in your yard without using it regularly, your sump pump is also required to start up every couple of months even if not using it to make sure it is still functioning properly and test all the lines. Make sure the pumps float has not been obstructed.

Incorrect Installation or Wrong Size

Having the wrong size means it has to work even harder to produce the proper function, which means it can also burn out quickly. It may also not be able to produce enough water if it’s too small. Having it installed correctly seems like another obvious one, but manufacturers require different things, and your home makes it unique too. Make sure you go with a qualified and licensed plumber like John the Plumber to ensure you have the right pump for your home and have it installed correctly.

Voltage Surges

Lightening may have hit nearby and overloaded the powerlines. A good submergible motor would have a built in arrestor so it can handle a voltage overload multiple times.


Debris can be an easy culprit, but so can frozen pipes. If water cannot discharge, your system will not work! We can offer a few solutions to prevent this, ask us how!

A little about your weeping tile:

If your weeping tile is not working properly, your pump will struggle to remove the water from around your foundation effectively. If you have noticed some water damage coming through your floor, and your sump still seems to be working properly, you most likely have a blocked weeping tile. Keep this in mind if your house was built pre-1975. Before 1975 clay weeping tile was the norm, however, over the years it can become very brittle. With technological advances we are lucky to have better products, as this is not something we see anymore. Don’t forget to let Plumb Pros Hamilton know if you’d like us to assess your weeping tile system. Our plumbers can provide solutions for your basement water removal and other waterproofing solutions or Hamilton sump pump repair.

I was told I should have a battery back up sump pump.
Being told this is like saying that you should have extra batteries in your home, or tea lights if the power goes out. A battery back up will save you a huge headache if something happens to your main sump pump. There are many sections of Hamilton that are more susceptible to flooding than others, this would be worth exploring for your home. After a large rain or snow storm we find ourselves finding many of our phone calls are because of an overloaded sump pump.
A battery back up can certainly save a lot of pressure on your family and home when times are tough. It would give you enough time to repair your main pump without disrupting your household. It is not an overly expensive fixture, but we do recommend it.
Recall that in 2014 there was a massive rainstorm in Burlington that flooded hundreds of homes from a rain storm, a vulnerable area is certainly worth the investment. Even in 2015 there was a major flooding in the lower city main roads, the City of Hamilton is now investing millions into preventing further flooding in these areas.

So what else can Plumb Pros Hamilton do?

Sump pump installation
Sump pump Maintenance
Submersible sump installation
Battery back up sump pump
Titan sumps
Liberty sump pumps
Water powered sump pump
Interior weeping tile installation
Wet Basement
Basement flood remediation
Sump pump repair service
We’re happy to answer any questions about any of these, and if we feel that it will be suitable for your particular situation, we’ll mention it. Don’t forget to give us a call!
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