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A shower fixture is a part of the plumbing system that carries water to and from the shower, like a drain or a faucet. They can be beautiful and ornamental, but if they aren’t functioning properly… Your shower experience is going to be lackluster. At Plumb Pros, we know the value of a good shower. A hot shower at the end of a long day can wash away the struggles of a hard shift, and a nice shower in the morning can prime you for a great one. When your shower isn’t working in one way or another, there’s only one plumber to call…

Shower Fixture Installation
Shower fixtures can be tricky, especially if you’ve never swapped them out or installed one. Forgetting a single step can cause you trouble (never forget to shut off the water!). On top of that, it’s easy to damage or rough up the fixture and negatively affect the finish.
On top of the risk of damage, it’s easy to run into hurdles along the way. Many faucets are designed to work with proprietary valves and will require more time and effort to swap them out. Swapping out these valves can be tight, time-consuming, and require some skill with soldering.
Installing a shower fixture does require some advanced skill, time, and patience. Most plumbers would recommend hiring a local plumber, as this will save you all that time and some frustration. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you’re missing a fitting or a supply that you’ll need.

Plumb Pros and his team of licensed Hamilton plumbers come equipped and stocked with a van full of equipment and supplies. When you call Plumb Pros, you can count on the job being done efficiently, properly, and without taking up your entire weekend.

Shower Fixture Replacement
Not a lot of things can spruce up your bathroom like a new shower fixture. Upgrading and updating your fixtures is a good way to keep your home looking and feeling young. But as with any shower fixture installation, there are many problems and frustrations that you can run into along the way.

Plumb Pros wants to help! Swapping out shower fixtures is a relatively quick job for a plumber. It won’t break the bank, and you’ll be glad you called. A licensed professional can do the work far faster and usually better than someone without any experience. Call Plumb Pros whenever you need a plumbing fixture replaced!

Shower Repair

Everything in your home will eventually get old and need a replacement. Whether it’s inconsistent temperature, too much noise when the shower is running, too little water pressure, or anything else… Plumb Pros is here for you.

When it comes to plumbing, it’s wise to call an expert. The last thing anyone wants to do is to make a problem worse, and risk flooding their home. But this sort of thing happens all the time. A good chunk of plumbing service calls is related to fixing issues that arose when DIYers missed a step.

Save Some Time & Have Peace of Mind

If you want to save yourself some time and give yourself some peace of mind, call Plumb Pros. Plumb Pros has been serving Hamilton for 40 years. We are dedicated to offering world-class service to our customers. We understand the value of your home, especially to you. When you trust us and let us into your homes, we don’t take it lightly. We will offer you the best plumbing service that money can buy. We don’t “just” want your business today, we want to be the plumbing service provider you can count on for life. So you can count on us to give you the best service and value available in Hamilton. Call Plumb Pros today!


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