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Got A Blocked Toilet, Hamilton? Plumb Pros Can Help!

Toilets aren’t really anything we think to talk about, until they stop working and then it’s ALL a household wants to talk about. Life with a broken toilet really does go south quickly. Sometimes you have incurred a substantial issue and you will need professional Hamilton Plumbers like ourselves to fix it for you, whereas other times you can DIY with a little instruction from us. Our Company is full of firm believers that if we can save you time and money we should, so we’ve chosen to chat a bit about methods and tips that will help you handle a blocked toilet, Hamilton. But first, a little commentary on a substance out in the market that many treat as their go to – Liquid Draino.

Liquid Draino
We are fully aware that this product has proven to be very effective, hence the fact it’s been around for years and is a household name. Thing is, not everything that is easy is good for you, and liquid Draino is absolute proof of that. For your current circumstance liquid Draino will take care of your problem, but it’s powerful and toxic chemicals will create a bigger problem down the road as it is also capable of eating through pipes and your porcelain bowl. Use it enough times you won’t have a clog to contend with, but you will be replacing your toilet bowl and your plumbing pipe$ – ouchie! Below we have given you a homemade and less toxic recipe to try; we like to call it…
Natural Volcanic De-Clogger
  1. Take one cup of baking soda and your vinegar jug and go to your washroom
  2. Pour your baking soda over top of the clog, then dump your vinegar all over the baking soda
  3. Here comes “the volcano” – give it 15 mins to finish “erupting”
  4. Then chase the whole mess with a pot of boiling water, wait 5 mins and flush
Didn’t Work? Try a More Hands on Approach
Now let’s say you’ve tried that and you didn’t get any cleared toilet action. We then suggest a bit of a harsher more hands on approach with what we call a DIY Home Auger. Instructions are below but we aren’t kidding about the hands on – wear gloves because this will be a lot messier to deal with:
  1. Go to your closet, take out a metal hanger and make it straight
  2. Go to your rags or choose an old hand towel and wrap it around one end a good 6 inches
  3. Take the wrapped end and plunge it right into the matter and start poking it about
  4. Remove everything that comes loose and dump it into the garbage
  5. Again, chase the remainder down with a pot of boiling water, wait five mins and flush
Toilet Still Blocked Hamilton?
If you’ve tried these methods and neither of them works, then unfortunately you may have a blockage that requires professional assistance. We are one phone call away and a professional plumbing expert will be over to your home and have your toilet unblocked for you ever so quickly – give us a call!

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